Applications of Industrial Weight Scales

Industrial weight scales have many applications. From milligrams to tons, there are a variety of industrial weight scales. Scales can be used for shipping, warehouse, pharmacy, chemistry, food, OEM, transport and logistics. From products, manufacturing components and tools to human beings and animals, industrial weighing scales can be used to measure the weight of almost anything. Industrial weight scales come in all shapes and sizes and can measure weight in units ranging from milligrams to tons.The usage of industrial weighing scales in the industrial sector ascertains that companies meet weight specifications and adhere to safety standards. The industrial scales are generally built keeping in mind the harsh industrial and wash down environments. Hanging scales and crane scales are generally used for overhead material weighing and handling. Such types of industrial scales are load and force measurement devices used for weighing during lifting, force and load testing and for overload prevention. Bench scales are used in a configuration where the platform is separated from the weighing indicator (a distance of 5 feet or more in length). It is ideal for use in restaurants and the market place. Applications include general shipping.Analytical balances are used for accurate precision measuring in laboratory weighing application, where the necessity for accuracy is as low as 0.1 milligram to 10 micro grams. Counting scales are the ones used to count parts and pieces faster and accurately avoiding overage and shortages. Whether it is nuts, bolts and rivets or papers, counting scales make sure that the correct number of pieces is shipped to the customer. Money counting scales are those used to count currency notes with perfect accuracy within a short time. These are used in banks, shops and other commercial places.Medical beam balances are generally used in hospitals, offices, gyms, schools or even in homes. Baby weighing balances are those used to measure the weight of newborn and months old babies. Moisture balances are used in application requiring high level performance in quality control, production and inspection. Moisture determination in raw material, intermediates and finished products are essential factors in delivering a consistent uniform product in production applications.An ideal moisture balance should provide a rapid and accurate method to determine the moisture content and also perform a dry weight analysis of a wide range of products and materials. A pallet truck with integrated scale allows one to weigh load on the spot for maximum efficiency. Pallet scales are suitable for low height lifting and short distance transportation. These allow the weighing of the load even during handling.Physician balances, which are used in hospitals, clinics or health clubs, are designed not only to measure the height and weight of a person but also to compute the BMI (Body Mass Index). A rail balance uses a bridge to turn a section of railroad track into a weighing system. Truck balances are generally designed with steel deck and concrete deck weigh bridges designed for weighing trucks that range from light commercial to extreme heavy-duty.